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傳揚 lyrics video

MOTION graphics // adobe after effects

傳揚 is the name of the song, which means "Spread (the gospel)". This Cantonese Christian pop-rock song is produced by the Chinese Bible Missions Church in Los Angeles, CA.


I put together elements of spreading the gospel or evangelism, while using bright color palate and engaging animations to give life to the lyrics. 

Production Team:


Producer: 周文騫 Jimmy Chau

Composer: 黃哲 Chit Wong

Lyrics: 凌翔 Edwin Ling

Mixing: 沈彥恆 Matt Sim

Lead Vocal: 黃哲 Chit Wong

Vocals: 劉志浩 Chicco Lau/曾綺婷 Yvette Tsang/顏迪豪 Dickens Ngan

Drums: 蔡顯生 Johann Choy

Guitar: 周文騫 Jimmy Chau

Base: Caleb González


Lyrics Video: 陳嘉穎 Calvin Chan

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